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Art Rusche
Seattle, Washington, USA


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My cameras
  MP Opt. Zoom f stop Video 35mm
CCD Notes
GoPro Hero5 Black 12           stereo
GoPro Hero5 Black 12            
GoPro Hero4 Silver 12 - - 10800p/60     mono
Moto Turbo 2 21 4XD f2 10800p/30
4K 30fps
    5.4" display
5MP front
Samsung Tab E              
Olympus ZX-2 RA 14 4X f1.8 10800p      
Olympus ZX-2 14 4X f1.8 10800p      
Olympus SP-500UZ  6 10X f2.8-3.7 240p 38-380mm
3cm macro
1/2.5" 2.5"
Moto Turbo 8 D - 720p      
Fujifilm AX200 12.2 5X f3.6 - f5.9 720p 28-140mm 1/2.3" f=5 

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