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Are you used to watching concerts like this?

 Not with ArTrips Concerts!   Up-in-front, in your face performances is what it's all about!

Photography ©2009 Arthur D Rusche

Roger Daltrey
Use It or Lose It
with Special Guest Eddie Vedder
October 12th, 2009 Showbox SODO

    What a treat it was to see one of the true legends of Rock 'n Roll in a small venue with an up-in-front experience. Roger was performing his second concert of his Use It or Lose It Tour, a solo warm up tour for The Who rumored for later next year. The 65 year young singer, songwriter and actor gave a stellar performance! And if that wasn't enough, Eddie Vedder his long time friend and lead singer of Seattle's Pearl Jam joined Roger for three numbers!

Witnessing two of the great voices of Rock 'n Roll!!!

Art - Glenn - Ralph - Ed - Harold - Angela

I had the full scope of how to get up-in-front of the stage.  We were at the Showbox SODO 4 hours before show time for staging. But as we entered there was a 20 foot
barrier zone in front of the stage reserved for the VIP "Meet and Greet" package holders that bought the chance to meet with Roger before the concert. Those packages sold for hundreds of dollars. Fifteen minutes before the concert, the barrier went down and I was right up in front in seconds (right of the man in red in the picture to the left).

Use It or Lose It Tour

  • Who Are You
  • Pictures of Lily
  • Going Mobile
  • A Second Out
  • Tattoo
  • I can see for miles
  • Gimme a Stone
  • Freedom Ride
  • Giving it all away
  • Squeezebox
  • Days of Light
  • Better Man
    (with Eddie Vedder)
  • The Real Me
    (with Eddie Vedder)
  • Blue Red & Grey
  • Walk on Water
  • Young Man Blues
     / Shakin All Over
  • Baba O’Riley
  • Johnny Cash medley
    Folsom Prison
    Ring of Fire
  • Bargain
    (with Eddie Vedder)

                            Concert Review by Glenn J Eriksen         Special to

   Going into this show, I really didn’t know what to expect. Would Roger Daltrey sing Who songs? Solo stuff? New work? What kind of band would he have?

   Well, any doubts were erased just minutes into what started as a semi-acoustic “Who Are You,” when Daltrey and his band kicked into high-voltage mode with a full-bore rockin’ version of the Who anthem.

   What followed were wonderful versions of older Who tunes, some solo work, a tribute to Johnny Cash and a generous dose of Who favorites.  Concerns over Daltrey’s voice were quickly blown away – he belted out the rockers with pipes that certainly didn’t sound like they were in their mid-60s!

   Between songs, and explaining the occasional glitch (this was the second show of the tour), Daltrey was earthy and down-to-earth – like an easygoing bloke having a good time with his mates. It was a hoot when he pointed out a guy near the front who kept shouting out requests, and Daltrey implored the crowd to come on down and “beat the s*** out of him!”

   What was already a magical night (especially when you’re just 30 feet from the stage) was transformed into an epic one when none other than Eddie Vedder trotted out on stage and joined Daltrey in performing the Pearl Jam song “Better Man.” A surge of electricity went through the crowd – we were witnessing something truly special.

   From start to finish, Daltrey’s band was clean, tight and absolutely fantastic. Who guitarist Peter Townshend’s brother Simon sounded just like his older brother on vocals. As for the drummer, Keith Moon IS BACK – minus the self-destruction. That guy is GOOD!

   When the finale, “Bargain,” with Vedder again onstage, wrapped up and the band took its bows, I was left standing there with my jaw hanging open in stunned amazement – I couldn’t believe what I had just seen and heard, and I will be eternally grateful for the experience.

  Opening up the evening was a new band called Paper Zoo consisting of Allister Izen (Lead Vocals, Guitar) , William Thomas Wesley II (Bass), Monte Dyaami Najera (Drums) & Martin Lopez (Keys). They played five songs including Paper Zoo. They were okay......  Review | MySpace

Allister Izen                                                                                                                 Martin Lopez                           

....and then ROGER entered!!!

His voice and energy was strong!

            Classic mic shadow!                  Simon Townshend - Pete's younger brother

Roger bantered with the audience all night long!

Then Roger's longtime friend from Seattle, Eddie Vedder the lead singer of Seattle's Pearl Jam, joined the band on stage for Better Man and The Real Me.  What a surprise!!!

Eddie Vedder & Simon Townshend                             Eddie Vedder in the air!

Roger & Eddie Duets

"BARGAIN" with Eddie Vedder

Look into my eyes                                            Eddie & Roger

More Roger & Eddie duets                                Two of the great voices of Rock 'n Roll!!!


<< A YouTube Video of "Bargain" taken at this concert!


Photos © 2009 Arthur D Rusche

"I'd call that a bargain
The best I ever had


Photo © 2009 Glenn J. Eriksen

Roger gets a grip on his Baba O'Reilly...

 This was another in a line of GREAT concert performances this year!!

Front Stage Baby!!!!!!


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Photos © 2009 Art Rusche
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