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Are you used to watching concerts like this?

 Not with ArTrips Concerts!   Up-in-front, in your face performances is what it's all about!

Photography 2010 Art Rusche


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1. Take Me in Your Arms
     (Rock Me a Little While)
2. Jesus is Just Alright
3. Dangerous
4. Rockin' Down the Highway
5. Clear as the Driven Snow
6. Nobody
7. World Gone Crazy
8. Back To The Chateau
9. Takin' it to the Streets
10. Don't Start Me To Talkin'
      (SB Williamson cover)
11. Little Bitty Pretty One
      (Bobby Day cover)
12. Black Water
13. Long Train Runnin'
14. China Grove
15. Without You
16. Listen to the Music





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(* photos courtesy of Glenn Eriksen)


The Doobie Brothers
40th Anniversary Tour!
Thurs Aug 26th 2010 - Marymoor Park

****Review in progress****
by Art Rusche

We watched a phenomenal FRONT STAGE BABY concert of The Doobie Brothers 40th Anniversary tour concert at Marymoor Park on Aug 26th, 2010.
(Not even close to as phenomenal as Lady Gaga, but... for the older crowd it was ;o 

I obtained a set of four tickets in the 7th row during the KZOK pre-sale. Then on the day of the public sales I was able to get four FRONT ROW tickets.  I have seen The Doobies countless times, starting back in the 70's in Pullman!  The last time I saw them was at the Ste Michelle Winery where we stormed the stage early on and stood I front of Pat Simmons all night!

We arrived on a cloudy evening with a threat of rain. We grabbed a few brews and food and settled into our up front reserved seating at the Marymoor Park Amphitheater.  The Original band members in 1970, Tom Johnston and Patrick Simmons, were joined by John McFee who join the band in 1979. Original 1971 drummer Michael Hossack did not join the band during this leg of the tour doing some extra recuperating from an auto accident a few years back. The Doobies other drummer since 2005, Ed Toth was joined by Tony Pia who subbed for Michael.  The Doobie's just came off of a successful summer tour with the band Chicago. Bass player Skylark also had health issues and was replaced by John Cowan.  Saxophonist since 1995, Marc Russo played strong and soulful!  Guy Allison, keyboard and vocals since 1996 was also great!!

The evening started with Lara Johnston, the 19 year old daughter of Doobie's lead man Tom Johnston, and her band.  She has a GREAT voice, sort of like a Joss Stone in range.  I think she has a bright future in music, when she finds her music niche.  I think POP!!  See Lara and Tom on KING5's "new day" just before the concert! She sings a mean tune while sitting down!

Being in the front row we were forced to sit down several times as the "old" crowd sat down during some of the slow song introductions......  This was definitely the oldest crowd I've been to in a while!!  They wouldn't even let us get up to the stage until we rushed it during the encore! Tom kept asking the crowd to come to the stage and one time I was the only one that did!!! The "Rent an unskilled worker" from Site Pro guy who managed the event told we were to stay in our seats..... I kept getting out of my seat and dancing or standing closer and closer to the stage. Until many people finally rushed it at the end.

  We had a great time at the front of the stage enjoying the great music this band had put out for four decades.... They started with a strong set list (see the left panel), one hit after another faithfully performed!! They played a couple of new songs off their soon to be released album and sounded very good and fresh but with a strong Doobie's sound!!!

There were a few rain drops that fell during the performance..... but I never put a coat on and it never dampen the spirits of the crowd!!  It was fun singing to all their songs at the top of my lungs and leading the crowd with fist pumps and "Rock On" Horns!

Dave, Glenn and I all got guitar picks from the band members!!!

Many of the Doobies came over and shook our hands afterward!!

I am currently processing over 400 pictures taken at the event. See the latest below and check back for more updates!


.....Art :))
For ArTrips Concerts


Update: Lara Johnston wrote me on Facebook:
"Thanks so much, Art! I love your pictures!!!!! Great job. What a fun night that was. Thank you for the kind words.  "

And now the pictures...

At the food court before hand....

(* photos courtesy of Glenn Eriksen)

FRONT STAGE BABY ArTrips Concerts!

Never had seen this before! A roadie vacuuming the stage! What a clean show.  Lady Gaga could of used it :o

The crowd behind us. Can you see Mike, Harold, Jaime and Sue?

Opening Performance - Lara Johnston

  I was very impressed with Tom's daughter Lara! Her vocal range was incredible.
 She has a GREAT soulful voice, sort of like a Joss Stone in range.
She has a very bright future in music!!  I am a fan!!!!

After her performance talking to a few fans.


waiting for The Doobie Brothers to come on!

The stage is set and clean!         Guitars are all lined up!


Here come The Doobie Brothers!

Tom Johnston!!

Pat Simmons!!

John McFee!!

Marc Russo!!

Guy Allison

Tony Pia substitute drummer and Guy

Tom havin' Fun!!          Ed Toth on drums

Ahhh!  The Guitars were GREAT!!  Havin' more fun playing!!  You got to love it!!

Close ups of Tom

John McFee

John, having a break back stage..

John Cowen        Pat Simmons                          Marc Russo    Ed Toth  Tom Johnston         John McFee
(not in picture Tony Pia)

John on Fiddle

John and Guy

All Guitars up front!!

"Listen to the Music" encore with Lara joining the band on stage!



How close were we?

Kathy's first concert in how many years?  She's a FRONT STAGE BABY addict now!!

Glenn couldn't stop rockin'!!

We will always remember this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Well used John McFee's guitar picks thrown our way!

Live is best and Front Stage Baby is better!

Front Stage Baby!!

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This was another in a line of GREAT
 concert performances!!

Front Stage Baby!!!!!!

Please leave me comments:))


Photos 2010 Arthur D Rusche


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