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Dance in the Dark
Glitter and Grease
Just Dance
Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
The Fame
Love Game
Boys Boys Boys
Money Honey
You and I
So Happy I Could Die
Poker Face
Bad Romance


My Cargo shorts held:

  • Olympus SP-500UZ
    - 6 Mp 10X zoom
    - 2 Gb chips
  • Fujifilm AX200
    - 720p HD video
    - 12 Mp 5X zoom
    - 16 Gb & 2 Gb chips
  • 20 AA NI-MH batteries
  • HTC Ozone SmartPhone
    - Facebook posts
  • Water Bottle
  • Energy Bar
  • Keys
  • Couple pieces of ID

Wikipedia: The Monster Ball Tour


Concert Review

Concert Review



My YouTube video of Bad Romance in HD
"Paws Up!"

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"Front Stage Baby" Concert Review
by Art Rusche

Facebook Post:
Art Rusche YES!!  ArTrips Concerts scored another "FRONT STAGE BABY" position!!  My Little Monsters made it to the venue, 4 1/2 hours before and then we were entertained in line with many dressed up "Little Monsters"!! Then we scrambled, per plan to our positions. :))

The opportunity to view one of the most up and coming new young artist was too much to resist.  Not only is she a hot new artist but she entered the music scene with a whole new energy!  She has a great story and at 24 years old has accomplished so much as an avant-garde performance artist! ... and I don't see it ending!

Our FSB Lady Gaga concert team were Ray and Cindra, veterans of many a FSB concert and Caryn who was experiencing her first big time FSB!

I brought in 2 cameras my old Olympus SP500UZ 6MP 10X Zoom and my new
Fujifilm AX200 12MP 5X Zoom with 720p HD video plus several extra AA batteries!!

  I bought floor tickets (of course) on pre-sale months ago, which sold out quickly. On the day of the concert I heard people paying many hundreds more than we paid.    I was also starting to worry when I heard on the news the night before that her fans, the "Little Monsters" were camping out the night before.
   We arrived at the Tacoma dome about 4 1/2 hours before the start of the concert and got in line where everyone was just sitting on the ground.  The sun was out and the time went by fast watching all the people until the 6:30pm opening.  When Ray and I were out for one last "Honey Bucket" stop, the line-up crowd stood up and started the full push to the front. It took a while to find Cindra and Caryn, but there they were, very close to the front!  (They made me so proud! )  At just before 6:30 the bag checkers and ticket takers arrived, greeted by a roar of the crowd. The hired help really weren't trained....... As they lowered the restraining tape the first several dozen people just stormed past the bag checkers & ticket takers and into the dome.  Ray and Cindra were among them which worked out perfectly as they were able to buy water and hit the restrooms! Caryn and I were let in after the supervisor came out to stop everyone and reset the process.
We then ran quickly to our planned position! Cindra and Ray appeared soon after with water! So perfect!
Soon after the dome was filled!

There we were at the front of the stage!

   DJ Lady Starlight had the hard task of entertaining the crowd before the show.  She brought a bottle of "Jack" with her and that's when we discovered we were in front of a 5ft X 12ft subwoofer! Besides rearranging our internal organs, the low frequencies did not have our ears ringing afterward!   JUST DANCE!

   Semi-Precious Weapons opened for Lady Gaga where 3 years ago Lady Gaga opened for them! Gaga and Justin have been friends for several years.  I had previously saw SPW FSB from only a couple feet away last year with The Sounds at the Showbox at the Market.  Justin Tranter was pedaling his song titled T-shirt, "I Can't Pay My Rent But I'm Fucking Gorgeous".  I also wore his USB gun that comes with their CD. They played a tighter high energy set than when we saw them before and got the audience "hot and wet" for Gaga!

Lady Gaga
Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

Wow (how many times do I say "Wow" after a FSB concert?), but WOW!!
We were so close again!! Very similar to the position we had for the P!NK concert.  In front of the subwoofers there was the security guard and then the barrier that included a 1" high berm, enough for two people deep. Hanging on the rail was the first row of girls and behind them was us! Cindra by the end of the the concert was one of the girls hanging on the rail!!!

  The crowd was diverse. From screaming little Gaga girls, to their parents, the LGBT community and us!   As the concert started, Caryn asked me who was pushing her from behind. She turned around and asked him "Just wondering who was pushing me?" and the guy said "Don't worry, I'm into men!"        Okay...  That's the line I usually use!!! :))

The concert opened up with a 5-10 minute video warm up with Gaga casting a shadow on a several story screen.  From our angle we could look under the screen and see her perform!! Lady Gaga was the first artist in history to achieve 1 Billion video download views!! Her first two CD's Fame and Fame Monster produced SEVEN #1 HITS

Just Dance  Poker Face  LoveGame  Paparazzi  Bad Romance  Alejandro  Telephone
Plus every other song on those albums can stand on their own as hits!

She took us through five segments of her Monster Ball confronting all her monsters along the way. Each segment included dynamic costume changes!

What really sets Gaga apart from the middling masses of lip-synching Britney clones and Idol wannabes is her pure, unadulterated musical talent.  This Lady can sing!

"While The Monster Ball has nothing on the great operas or the golden age of musical theatre, Lady Gaga's 'electro-pop opera' is at least twice as entertaining and infinitely fresher than any stage musical written over the last decade."
                                                                                                    - Kelly Nestruck The Guardian

The Monster Ball was an incredible eye candy performance with great choreography tied into her fresh music!!  This ranks as one of the top all time concerts!!!

"Tonight, I don't want you to leave loving me more," said Lady Gaga. "I want you to leave loving yourself more."

I <3 new music!      I <3 being different!      I <3 Gaga    I am a Little Monster!!

                                                                           ....Art Rusche,

And now the pictures....

Pre-concert line-up:

Our Little Monster group in front of the Lady Gaga Tour Bus!!

Phase 1 3:30 - 6:30: The Line up.... 


Phase 2   6:30 - 8:  Pre-concert DJ, Lady Starlight....

ArTrips concert's Little Monsters at the very front of the stage!


Phase 3   8 - 9:   Justin Trainer and Semi-Precious Weapons:

Lady Gaga used to open for SPW's just a few years ago!  This was the second time I've seen them.

"I Can't Pay My Rent But I'm Fucking Gorgeous"

Waiting at the front for Lady Gaga:


Lady Gaga:

Boys, Boys, Boys

Paws Up

Before the concert this girl texted her phone number in then
during the concert Lady Gaga called her!

The Fame Monster!

"Tonight, I don't want you to leave loving me more," said Lady Gaga.
"I want you to leave loving yourself more."

Live is best and Front Stage Baby is better!

Front Stage Baby!!

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This was another in a line of GREAT
 concert performances!!

Front Stage Baby!!!!!!

Please leave me comments:))

Photos 2010 Arthur D Rusche


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